Company Background


Thirteen years ago, I started to have a deep interest in Chinese medicine in the Chinese medicine industry in Singapore. In 2011, I started my own herbal tea business in Kuala Lumpur. In fact, I cook the Bazen soup for my girlfriend every month, but the Bazen soup that I drink only once a month cannot achieve the desired effect. Besides, the busy life also made it difficult for her to spare time to make extra Bazen soup. Under such circumstances, I suddenly wondered why not to cook Bazen in the original way, and then seal it with modern high-tech, making it a convenient and simple one-bag bag. With such a concept in mind, I have tried countless ways to successfully develop “Ai Ba Zhen”, and ultimately hope that it can bring convenience and save time for you who are busy taking care of career and family life, and at the same time can ensure that Qi and blood efficacy.

13年前,我在新加坡从事中药行业而开始对中药有了深厚的兴趣. 2011年,我在吉隆坡开始了自己的中药凉茶生意. 其实我每个月都会煲八珍汤给我女朋友喝,但一个月只喝1次的八珍汤是无法达到预期效果。再说忙碌的生活也让她难以抽出时间来额外煲八珍汤进补. 在这样的情况下,我突发奇想,为何不将八珍用原始的方法熬制,再用现代的高科技密封,做成一包包即方便又简单,一开即饮的八珍汤包?抱着这样的一个理念,我尝试了无数个方式成功研制《爱八珍》,最终希望可以为忙碌于兼顾事业与家庭生活的您带来方便及节省时间,同时又能确保达到益气补血之功效.

Our Mission



Bring the Bazen Soup with good health, efficacy and taste to every lady to give them convenience and health.

把健康,功效和口感佳的八珍汤,带给每一位女士给予他们方便和健. 传承经典,内外调和.

In 2011, I started my own herbal tea business in Kuala Lumpur. In these 10 years,Km Eng Herbal Tea has not only received reports from major media (TV2, Xingzhou Daily, New Life News, CituPlus FM, etc.) and customers’s argee. The recognition from all walks of life has made me more appraise the real effect of Chinese medicine on health care. “Ai BaZen” insists on boiled with natural herbs, and after the deployment of senior Chinese medicine, we using Red Date, Wolfberries, Licorice Root, Angelice Root, Codonopsis Root, White Poria, Atractylodes and Amaranth to recuperate the irregular menstruation and having a weak and cold uterus.

In order to give customers a healthy and safe drink, we use modern technology machines and technical packaging, high temperature sterilization and vacuum packaging, without adding preservatives and artificial colors. This packaging uses food standard polyester (PET) + low density polyethylene (LDPE) composite packaging film, non-toxic and odorless packaging and can be cooked at a high temperature of 120 ° C or frozen at minus -40 ° C without affecting the quality of the packaging .

2011年,我在吉隆坡开始了自己的中药凉茶生意. 在这10年,金鹰黑茶不仅得到各大媒体的报道(TV2,星州日报,新生活报,CituPlus FM等)和顾客的认同。各界的认同让我更加鉴定中药在保健养身上实实在在的功效. 《爱八珍》坚持采用天然草药熬制,经过资深中医的调配采用党参,白术,茯苓,甘草为补脾益气. 当归,白芍  ,熟地滋养心肝,加川芎入血分而理气. 则当归,熟地补而不滞 .  加入黑枣和红枣助党参,白术入气分以调和脾胃,全剂配合有助于气血双补之功效. 甘香不苦,补而不燥。为了让顾客喝得健康和安心,我们采用了现代科技机器和技术包装,高温杀菌及真空包装,绝无添加防腐剂和人造色素. 本包装采用食品标准聚酯(PET) + 低密度聚乙烯(LDPE)复合包装膜,无毒无味包装及可在 120°C 高温中蒸煮或在零下 -40°C 冷冻,亦不会影响包装质量.




We are a factory with MESTI, GMP, HACCP, Halal certification.